There be bears there!
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Why was the site created?
There are three reasons for the site's existence. In no particular order they are: The phrase "There Be Bears There!" hit me one night and I found an appropriate domain name to register for it. Once I had that, I had to put something there; I wanted to share some of the hottest men I've ever seen with the rest of the world; I wanted a site that would allow me to put up banners for other sites (mostly my own) to help drive traffic there (no, we will never resort to any type of pop-up ads!).

How do you choose who's included on the site?
BearsThere is comprised of photos of men or parts of men that strike my fancy. Either the face or body or body part is so attractive that the photo begs inclusion on the site. They are generally "9s" or "10s" on my personal rating scale.

Where do you find these photos?
Most of the photos were obtained from various Web sites, Usenet or mailing lists/group memberships. Some have been requested directly from the photographic subject himself and he has generously agreed.

My favorite guy is xxxxxx. He's perfect. Why doesn't he appear at BearsThere?
There may be several reasons why a handsome, hairy, well-muscled physical specimen might not appear at BearsThere. The primary ones are that we just didn't consider him for inclusion, we disagree that he's as hot as you think he is, or we feel the man is "over-exposed." It is unlikely that someone who has appeared in video, has his photos up all over the Web, or whose face or name is immediately familiar, will appear here. Other reasons are that we may have been asked not to include someone's photo or have been told that photos of a certain person cannot be used due to copyright restrictions.

Can I send you my photos for inclusion on the site?
We occasionally receive unsolicited photos of men who believe they might be BearsThere material. We enjoy getting these and we do consider all of them for inclusion.

Why aren't there [more] X-rated photos at the site?
We personally don't believe that a photo has to depict "all" of a man to be exceptional nor does a man have to show all of himself to qualify. We really, truly believe it's better to leave something to the imagination. That being said, we should mention that we personally have a fetish for Speedos, wrestling singets, briefs and shorts, especially denim cutoffs and gym shorts, so those photos gain extra points with us.

We have not cropped or otherwise edited the adult nature out of any of the photos that appear here. Any photo which appears to be cropped was obtained that way. Honest. We are not actively seeking photos that depict full nudity.

I know the name of one of the "Unknown" men on the site.
Write us and we'll add the name to the page. We would rather have identifed photos than unidentified ones.

Are any of these guys you? Why aren't you at your own site?
No. None of these guys is me. I hardly qualify to be at BearsThere.